My Experience At Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort

This past November, Sandals Resorts Inc, was kind enough to open their doors to us (as well as hundreds of other agents) on a travel agent only trip that allowed us to visit their Beaches Turks and Caicos resort for 2 nights so that we could familiarize ourselves with the resort and then be able to sell it to our clients. Here is exactly what I have been telling ALL of my clients.

After a 3 hour chartered flight from Newark, NJ we were navigated through immigration/customs quickly (customs had set up extra booths to accommodate all of us since we were a huge group and there were already other people going through immigration/customs as well). Once outside, we were ushered to a van and given our room numbers to be placed on our bags (this way our bags would be sent to our rooms as soon as we arrive).

The ride was no longer than 10 minutes and before we knew it we were pulling up to the resort. We knew the resort was huge before arriving, but the long ride down the driveway confirmed it. When we pulled up in the Caribbean village for check in (there are 3 villages all with their own private check in areas) we saw a man with a keyboard playing music to welcome us.

As we stepped out of the van our jaws dropped. Staff was everywhere, smiling and greeting us, and then we saw Bert and Ernie. I haven't watched Sesame Street since I was a kid, but in that split second I digressed to my childhood days and had the urge to run to them and throw my arms around them. I can only imagine how a child must feel when they arrive at the resort and see their favorite Sesame Street characters waving at them.

Bert and Ernie hugged every single guest who arrived at the resort and even stopped to show off for the camera since I was video taping the entire thing. Behind the welcoming committee were two employees handing out cold towels and a basket to discard them in. Before we knew it we were being whisked away to a conference room for our private check-in reception (which is used for big group check-ins). There we were greeted with rum punch, champagne, snacks (bags of pretzels and chips and finger sandwiches). Group check in was a breeze and once done, we were told to go enjoy lunch.

We made our way outside and were directed to the Arizona buffet (by the Caribbean pool). The food there was wonderful. Being Caribbean/Mexico destination specialists we've traveled to quite a few All-inclusive resorts and the buffets are always so-so. This place had the best food we've ever had on vacation, and we would have still said that even if all they had were buffets.

After lunch, we took a guided tour of the property and were shown some of the rooms. Before coming to this resort I would have advised my clients to book at the cheaper Beaches resorts (Sandy Bay in Jamaica) so they could have a nicer room with a view of the ocean for the same price as a lower category at BT&C. I was SO WRONG. I would have taken the lowest category here ANY DAY over any other resort. The decor was beautiful, the views (while not of the ocean) were still breathtaking (especially in the French Village) and at this resort you will barely be in your room and if you do spend time in there you'll be watching the nice big flat screen TV, not looking out the window.

So here is a short breakdown of what we saw on our tour, and during our stay:

Caribbean Village-
The oldest and most spread out of the 3 villages. There are 4 pools (including a kid's pool by Camp Sesame).
The 5 restaurants in this section are
Arizona's (Tex-Mex buffet)

Reflections (International buffet)
Schooner's (Seafood)

Sapodilla's (traditional gourmet food, adults only)
Bella Napoli's pizzeria (gourmet pizzas created and baked in a wood-fired brick oven)
**The highlights of this area
The beautiful beds on platforms overlooking the beach

The relaxing sounds of the Caribbean pool’s waterfall, especially it's pretty colors at night.

Italian Village (where we stayed)-
The newest and fanciest of the 3 villages. There is one giant pool.
The 5 restaurants in this section are
Mario's (Italian buffet)

The Cricketeer's Pub (bar with traditional pub food like fish and chips)

Barefoot by the Sea (seafood and international food. Serves GREAT breakfast)

Gordon's pizzeria (gourmet pizzas created and baked in a wood-fired brick oven)
The Kid's grille (snacks, burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc).
**The highlights of this section is the gorgeous big pool

with the swim up tables complete with umbrellas

the Italian statues and the beautiful setting that made you feel like you were in three different popular Italian cities at one time (Venice, Rome & Tuscany)

French Village-
This village is set back from the ocean and is almost in it's own quiet little world. It has two pools (a large pool and a smaller pool attached just for children).
The 6 restaurants in this section are
Kimonos (Japanese hibachi)
Sushi Bar (Japanese sushi and appetizers)

Cafe de Paris (pastry shop)

Giuseppe's (Italian cuisine)

Le Petite Chateau (French cuisine- Adults only)

Bobby D's (kid friendly diner food)

**The highlights of this section is the beautifully manicured gardens,

the pool build as if it was for a royal family

and the feeling as if you stepped back in time to the palace of Marie Antoinette.

The Pirate's water park-
This section is a resort in it's own. Bobby D's restaurant is located here.

**The highlights of this section is-- oh who am I kidding, how could I even pick just one or two? The long lazy river

a surf simulator

cool water slides

the Xbox game room full of games that are new or not even released yet

the kids lounge and Scratch DJ academy

Even the swim up "bar" for the kids, that served "mock"tails!

This place was brilliantly thought up and fun for ALL ages!

After our tour of these areas we were escorted back to the main check-in area and given our room keys. We made our way to our room #3341 which was in the Capri building in the Italian Village. We opened the door and were ecstatic to see the ocean through the windows to the balcony. We never dreamed Beaches would put us in one of the best categories they had so we felt really lucky to have been given a chance to actually experience one of these rooms.

Upon walking in the door you will find yourself in a small room (the kid's room) with a bunk bed and a trundle bed underneath them.

A closet and a sink which was just the right size for smaller children to reach.There was also a flat screen TV in there with an Xbox system, 2 controllers, an a game.

Then we made our way into the hallway where there was a door to the bathroom which had a double sink

a jacuzzi tub (kind of small)

a walk in shower

and a toilet with a door for privacy. The wood doors and bed frames and decorations were absolutely gorgeous throughout the entire room.

Across from the bathroom door is a door to a living room area (which we did not have access to).

If you book the room with the living room suite as well you'll get an extra 3 beds and a butler with your room category.

(The butlers are trained by the Guild of English Butlers, the ONLY butlers in the Caribbean/Mexico to be trained by the Guild. They do a FANTASTIC job of making your every vacation dream come true. They are WELL WORTH the extra price)

We then continued into the bedroom area which was beautiful. There was a mini fridge/bar with everything you could ever need, including a microwave and popcorn bags!

In the closet there was a safe which would easily fit a smaller laptop, phones, wallets, passports, etc. It was easy to use (you create your own key code)

In the bedroom area there was a couch that doubled 2 beds (trundle bed)

and a single arm chair in the corner that actually pulled out into a twin bed (could easily fit a child or small shaped adult).

There was also a flat screen TV

and an iPod docking station as well.

The bed was the MOST COMFORTABLE BED EVER. I still cannot get over how comfortable those beds were. In fact, my co-worker, who also happens to by my fiance (we co-own the agency, My Paradise Planner) actually referred to the bed as an "angel's cloud". I still lay in bed at night wishing I was in that bed back in Turks!

Then came my favorite part, the balcony. The doors to the balcony are synced up with the AC unit, so once the balcony doors are opened the AC shuts off automatically. Once outside you have a beautiful view of the ocean, since the Capri building is oceanfront.

There is a double lounge chair

and a table with 4 chairs.

There is also a door leading to another balcony with 2 padded chairs, another double lounge chair and a table for 4.

This is for those who have the living room added onto their category. Next time we come here with a group we will definitely book this room because there was more than enough room for everyone.

I was sad that we only had 2 nights here, because we tried so hard to experience everything in such a short time. Both nights we ate at more than 2 restaurants just to try a little of everything. Beaches had a Sesame Street parade and a beach side bonfire party on the first night

and then the second night there was a chocolate and martini buffet

and a champagne party at the club.

I am sure if we had been there for a whole week we still wouldn't have been able to do everything there.

We were able to squeeze in a snorkeling excursion which was a lot of fun,

but because of that we missed the Kitty Kat cruise, which we heard was awesome because there was a slide on the back of the boat so people could slide into the ocean and snorkel.

A word of warning. There is a lot of area to walk at this resort so I recommend that people who have trouble walking for long periods of time book rooms closest to where they want to spend most of their time (like the beach).

For those with small kids, do not worry, BT&C has adorable little red cars (like the ones in the shopping centers) that you can use to push your small children around the resort. Genius! :)

Speaking of small kids, the kids club was also a genius touch, considering you can drop off your child of any age there at any time of the day and all the Sesame Street characters, along with professionals (trained in the Unites States) will care for your child while you enjoy some alone time.

If you need babysitting it is a small price after hours (just a cheap as a babysitter in the USA).

They even have kid friendly shows every evening so your small children can enjoy the Beaches nightlife too!

One thing we constantly noticed was that the resort staff here LOVES kids. It isn't just the people caring for the kids at Camp Sesame. Even the people working in the restaurants would get the biggest smiles on their faces when they'd see children come in. In fact, we were at Barefoot by the Sea one of the mornings for breakfast and a kid ran by on the boardwalk and one staff member (female) turned to the other (male) and said "Oh look how cute that kid is! He looks so happy!" and they both smiled and waved to his father who was chasing him, then the male staff member called out "Be careful!". I couldn't believe how attentive they were. Most resorts we go to people who work there don't bother interacting with anyone unless they are right in front of them. But at BT&C and at all Beaches/Sandals properties I've noticed the staff always goes out of their way to be friendly, say hello, and make you feel like you're right at home. This is why I've always loved Beaches/Sandals!

Before visiting this resort I assumed that Beaches was only for families or groups, but now I see that even a honeymooning couple would have a blast at BT&C and still feel the secluded romance of a Sandals honeymoon. In face, there is SO much for the kids to do here that they very rarely bother you. These kids have a full itinerary. There are so many pools, and with the water park and the Xbox room and the Camp Sesame, we sometimes forgot there were kids around at all!

Now, I recommend this property to all of my clients and am constantly talking it up to everyone we know. The best part of the entire thing, everything you read about above.. is ALL INCLUDED. That's right. One price pays for everything above. So next time you take a look at a Beaches vacation and cringe at the price, THINK AGAIN! Look at everything you get for your money and you'll know that not only is it worth it, but it's actually a BARGAIN!

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