Sandals & Beaches Resorts Dress Code Guide

Since this is a question I am asked regularly by my clients staying at Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts, I've decided to post it and share the information with everyone.   Hope this helps you pack accordingly!

For The Adults

Resort Casual:

Resort Casual means casual shirts or tanks or polos and shorts or jeans.

With Resort Casual dress, swimwear is okay, as long as it is covered up and not soaking wet.

Resort Casual Footwear:  

Sandals, Sneakers, Flip Flops, etc. are all acceptable.  No bare feet!

Resort Evening:

Resort evening wear is more formal. 

Men will need to wear dress shirts or polos with short or long sleeve, with or without collars (no sleeveless shirts) with pants or jeans (no shorts).

Women will need to wear resort dresses or pants with dressy tops (see below)

Resort Evening Footwear: 

Ladies: Dressy sandals or heals are okay.  No sneakers, flip flops or bare feet!

Men: Closed toe dress shoes and loafers are appropriate.  No sneakers, flip flops or bare feet!

For The Kids

Resort Casual

Same concept as with the adults.  Just remember, no sneakers for the Resort Evening restaurants.

Example of Kaki pants and a polo for evening wear.

Example of Resort Evening wear for a girl and a boy
(minus the vest and bow tie if you prefer not to be too dressy)
Take note of the shoes too.  Perfect for Resort Evening dress.

Perfect example of a teen's dress that can be casual during the day
but also dressed up during the evening with a nice pair of shoes.

Example of a child's casual wear to cover a swim suit.


If it's a buffet, pizzeria, or pub it's going to be a Resort Casual setting.

If it requires a Reservation or offers White Glove Service it is going to require Resort Evening attire.

If you're unsure, check out the "Restaurants" tab under the website for your resort, pick the restaurant and click the "Learn More" tab to see the "Dress Code" listed on the right hand side.


White Outfit:  Don't forget to pack an all white outfit.  Sandals & Beaches Resorts does one "White Party" a week where everyone dresses in white and enjoys a chocolate buffet party.  Pack a white outfit you don't mind getting chocolate on if you're prone to spilling like I am! :)

Dressing "Up Up":  Some guests enjoy the option of getting dressed up for the return guest dinners or the cocktail parties, or even just an evening out.  Feel free to get as dressed up as you prefer!  It makes for excellent photos. 

Don't Overpack:  There's no need to bring several pairs of pants.  You're only going to wear them for a few hours each night.  Two pairs is usually fine, so you can interchange them with different tops.  Same with shoes.  Re-wearing them makes packing easier.  Shoes take up a lot of space!  Plus, with more room in your suitcase you can use the space to "Pack for a Purpose". (Click the link to learn more about that program and how it works).

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