Is Club Sandals, The Concierge Club Level At Sandals Resorts, Worth It?

If you've found your way to this blog then chances are you've been mulling over spending a little bit more to get a Club Level suite at one of the Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts properties verses an entry level Deluxe or Premium level room and you're trying to figure out if you'll really get more bang for your buck.

Or you may have read our similar post, "Is The Butler Service Is Really Worth It?" and wanted to get an idea of the differences not just in price but value between a Club Sandals suite or a Butler Service suite.

Instead of giving tips on how to utilize this service-- as I did with the butler service blog post-- I'm going to list all the amenities of Club Level service and then go into detail on each to give you a better understanding of how each amenity is of great value to the guests.

First, I must point out that at most Sandals Resorts, the Club Level room categories are only a little bit more in price than the entry level categories.  So when you're looking at a difference of a hundred dollars or even just a few hundred dollars more, you're really getting a great added value for that money.

Let's check it out...

What is Club Sandals?

Club Sandals is a concierge service as well as a private lounge. Guests with Club Level service will not only have access to the services listed below-- services that have always been provided for Concierge guests at Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts-- but access to a brand new level of service. In keeping with the changing times, Sandals has decided to take their luxury-included brand to the next level, creating Club Sandals.  Very much like the club levels you see at popular hotel chains, this "club" is a private area of the resort where guests in this level are able to come and relax, have a beverage and a snack, and get away from the heat.

Club Level guests enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail in the privacy of the Club Sandals lounge

Club Sandals Lounge Amenities

  • Hours: 24 hours (Staff will be available from the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.) 
  • High-definition flat-screen TV. 
  • Selection of Board Games, books and novels. 
  • Tea and coffee station with assorted tea and freshly ground coffee (Blue Mountain Coffee). 
  • Coffee machine in all lounges serving Espressos and Cappuccinos. 
  • New York Times and British Today, The Canadian and any other Times Fax as requested. 
  • Kindles available in the Lounge 
  • iPads displaying menus, martini menu, weekly activities and managers wine list 
  • Library of local books available 
  • Air conditioned comfort 
  • Signature Scent Soothing Background Music 
  • Guest check-out with Club Sandals Concierge 
  • Free Basic Wi-Fi 
  • Alcoholic Beverages, Sparkling Wine, Juice, Soda and Water 
  • All Day Snacks and Pastries: Danish, Croissants, Muffins Coconut, Sugar and Chocolate cookies
  • Assorted Jamaican Desserts: Rumball, coconut drops, coconut macaroon, gizzarda 
  • Apples and other whole fruits 
  • Sandwiches and wraps
  • Concierge Signature Drink
To some it may sound "useless" or "pointless", there's nothing like waking up, heading to the gym for a work out, then stopping by the Club Sandals Lounge for some hot tea and fruit (without having to go to the restaurant), and grabbing a new book to check out for when you're lounging around later on the beach.  Or in the middle of the night, when you're craving some sugar, and the restaurants are closed, you know Club Sandals will have something to help that sweet tooth!

Once it's made available to you, you'll find several reasons why you'll be glad you have it. 
One of our clients, Angie, enjoying her Club Sandals access!

But all those are just additional benefits that come along with the new Club Sandals. Let's talk about the old benefits that are still the most important part of being a Club Sandals guest.

What Happens On Arrival

  • Met on arrival by Club Sandals Concierge. 
  • Served cold/warm towels on arrival. 
  • Privately checked in at the Club Sandals Lounge. 
  • Escorted to room by Club Sandals Concierge. 
  • In-Room Orientation by Club Sandals Concierge. 
  • Private Resort Orientation by Club Sandals Concierge. 
  • Club Sandals Welcome packet on arrival.

From someone who experienced this several times, this is how it happens: 
I'll never forget my first stay at Sandals (Negril). We arrived with four other couples, all of whom were staying in entry level suites. We walked in with them, and immediately were greeted by the Concierge Staff who gave us a glass of champagne, and took my heavy travel purse and my husband's back pack and carried it up the flight of steps for us to the Concierge check-in lounge.  I remember looking back down at the couples who had formed a line at the front desk and several were looking up at us as if to say "Where are you going?" or "How come they're so special?"

By the time we were done checking in-- which really only consisted of us sipping champagne and looking out the window at the ocean while the staff put everything together and we just signed a few papers-- we were escorted down to the main lobby to be brought to our rooms.  By then couple one had successfully checked in, and couple two, three, and four were still working on it.

Guest standing at the check-in
While we walked to our room, our concierge told us about the resort.  He walked us through the restaurant so we could see where we'd be eating for lunch.  He did everything from answering our questions and showing us how our room keys, AC unit, and safe worked, to making sure we were fully stocked with the liquor and mini fridge items we wanted.  He only left after we gave him the approval that everything was exactly as we wanted it to be.  

Staff Services Included For Club Level Rooms

  • Dedicated Club Sandals Concierge to assist with planning vacation experience.
  • Dedicated Club Sandals Concierge to assist with booking reservations-dinner/spa/tour/private dinners. 
  • Daily contact with guests throughout their stay. 
  • Personalized Resort Orientation Escort of guests to bus when they are going on tours.
  • All Day Room Service from 7:30am to 10:00pm. (Except at Sandals Halcyon Beach).

Now to highlight the Concierge Staff Services:  Before leaving our room, our concierge also took our information for what restaurant we wanted to eat at that night so he could make a reservation (since it required one) and also took our reservation for snorkeling early the next morning since we wouldn't have time to make it down to the water sports desk to book it before they closed.   

He left us with a lovely welcome packet including details on what would be happening later that day as well as the information on the different restaurants on property that were open, and the extension to call if we needed anything. 

After our first snorkeling tour we decided to call Concierge and set up a tour every single day for the whole week we were there.  And just like that, instead of waking up early to head down to the water sports office to book our tours for the day, our Concierge got it done for us in seconds, saving us precious vacation time.

We also used the Concierge to book a last minute spa treatment.  Again, instead of going down to the Red Lane Spa to make the appointment, we just made a quick call to our trusty Concierge who set it all up for us!

But our favorite feature was by far the Room Service.  It came in handy one evening when I had horrible sunburn on my back and couldn't bare the thought of getting dressed up.  So we placed a call into Room Service and enjoyed a lovely dinner on our balcony overlooking the water, while I wore my bathing suit (the only "outfit" I had that didn't rub against the sun burn). 
My husband getting ready to order room service, and very excited about it!
(Note: this is circa 2007 and the room decor at Sandals Negril has changed since then.
They did away with the bright Caribbean colors and have replaced them with more neutral tones)

Our clients Angie & Bryan enjoyed breakfast on the balcony
at Sandals Grande Riviera thanks to the Club Level service!

Other Inclusion Benefits Of Club Sandals

  1. Robes in all rooms 
  2. In-Room Bar with pouring brands and fridge restocked daily with juice, water & sodas 
  3. Specially made Club Sandals room key 
  4. In-Room Culinary treat for late arrivals

Going the extra mile:  Speaking of my experience with room service and sunburn, I also have to make sure to mention how grateful I was for the fact that Concierge guests receive robes in their rooms!  No one wants to be strutting around their room in a bathing suit (or birthday suit) when Room Service shows up. So having access to a robe was helpful. It's also helpful when you step out of the shower into the nice cool air conditioned room and think "man, I'm glad I didn't have to pack my own robe!"  

Our agent Suzanne and her husband Ron showing off their Sandals robes!

Our Club Level guests also get to experience the fun of "turn down" service.  Some nights you'll come back to your room to find a cute towel animal and other nights you'll find thank you goodies, all compliments of your Concierge staff.
Our clients Angie and Bryan loved coming back to their room to find goodies like these!

The in-room bar is stocked on arrival and restocked every day.  Sometimes I hear people complain they had to request certain things.  I've stayed at multiple properties several times and have never had a problem getting a mini bar/fridge restocked.  Unless I have a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door, they will come every day and take note of what we used and refill it.  There's nothing like drinking a whole bottle of wine one night and coming back from the beach the next day to find a brand new one waiting for you.  No extra cost.

Fully stocked in-room bar
Fully stocked fridge

But Wait, There's More

There are also special weekly events that are exclusive to Club Sandals guests only and the perks of having "Concierge Connections" for the weekly all-resort events.

Weekly Activities:
  • Weekly Cocktail Party / Exclusive Wine Tasting / Martini Evening 
  • Reserved tables at property weekly buffet 
  • Weekly Snorkeling Trip 
  • Recognition of birthday / anniversary / special occasion 
  • Personalized Island Routes 
  • Club Sandals Tours

ROOM TIP:  Club Level rooms tend to have some of the best locations on property, as well as some of the best room views.  If location and views matter most, Club Level is definitely the way to go! But if ocean views are important to you, be careful when choosing a Club Level or any level of room for that matter. Some of them say "pool/gardens with some ocean views" or "limited ocean views" and that means there is a chance you will be overlooking a pool or garden with obstructed or distant ocean views. Your best bet is to talk to a Sandals Specialist to make sure you're picking the right room and the best value.
View of the ocean from our balcony in Negril.
So close we could throw a stone into the water from our room!

Hopefully my explanations and examples are able to help you make a decision between the options you have available to you.   No matter what you decide, just remember that a trip is what you make of it.  Go, have fun, enjoy and remember, you're at Sandals so "love is all you need"!! 

Ready To Book?

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