FREE Stay At All-Inclusive Resort In Jamaica - Deal Extended - Book by Nov. 30th for travel until July 2011!


"The Deal of the Year":

-Brand New Luxury Adult's Only All Inclusive Beach Resort
-Rated 4 1/2 Star Resort
-Two Epic Swimming Pools With Pool Concierge For All Guests (Included)
-Six Restaurants (Included)
-Five Bars (Included)
-Water & Land Sports (Included)
-Airport Transfers (Included)
& So Much More...

If you book at least three rooms in a group you get YOUR ROOM FREE!
Part of their "Couples Retreat" Special.

Here is how it works, you and your significant other wish to go away for a week but right now prices are so high you know you can't afford to go anywhere over a certain set budget. The problem is, everything in that budget has bad reviews saying the food makes you sick, the rooms are run down, the beach is not swimmable, and/or the service is terrible. So where can you go on a budget of under $1000 per person for a whole week and get the luxury vacation you've always wanted?

I'm sure you can find 2 or more couples who are in the same predicament. If you can, then you are in luck!

A room at this resort, during the week before Christmas (December 17th - 24th) is only $2,233 per couple. That is a great deal in itself for a week at a resort during December. Divide that by 2 adults and it ends up being only $1,116 per person for a week of food, drinks, activities, accommodations, and more. Not bad at all. But if you take that $2,233 and multiply it by 3, because 3 couples will be going at the same rate, you get $6,699 total.

Because of this special deal, you would have two options at saving money. Either you can allow your friends to pay the $2,233 from their rooms and get yours for free. Or you can subtract the price of the room that is now free, bringing the total for 3 couples in 3 rooms down to $4,466. Divide that by 6 people and you now get $744 per person!

For $744 a person you can stay at this resort for an entire week during a prime travel time when prices are triple that at other resorts.

The good thing is, this deal extends all the way out until July 2011, so if you can't travel in December, no problem. You can go anytime between now and July 2011. It only requires a $200 deposit per room to book. Think about it this way, you pay $200 now and save $2,233 later. :)

Now everyone understand what an awesome deal this is, and hopefully they will pass this on to anyone they think may be interested.

This could be you for only $744...

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