Two of our four specialists are currently attending the Anual S.T.A.R. Awards at Sandals Royal Bahamian.   The awards are a ceremony hosted by the Chairman of Sandals for the the top sellers of Sandals & Beaches resorts.  

Our owner and founder, Kira Solomon, is honored to attend and will be presented this evening at the ceremony with her official induction into the Sandals Chairman's Royal Club, a elite membership of only a small handful of travel agents who book the most amount of clients at Sandals & Beaches resorts.  As a member of this club, the Chairman is recognizing and honoring Kira as experts and top partner of these resorts.
Kira Solomon with Gordon "Butch" Stewart, Chairman & Founder of Sandals Resorts International.

Kira with Adam Stewart, CEO of Sandals Resorts International

Kira with David Roper, the Director of Industry Relations for Sandals Resorts International

Kira with Julie Stephan, Senior Business Development Manager for Sandals Resorts International
Today, Kira sat in on a general session presented by the Chairman, Butch Stewart, and his son Adam Stewart, the current CEO of Sandals Resorts International.   In the session they updated us on everything new and improved at the resorts.  Some of the information below is BRAND NEW and has not been announced to the public yet.  So you are getting it first hand, before anyone else!

We are happy to share our news, information, and knowledge with you.  Just please keep Kira in mind when you want to book a Sandals or Beaches Resort vacation.  Her services to help plan and book are 100% FREE for you to use!

Resort Updates:

As of February 16th, 2013, ALL villas at Grande Riveiera will be butler suites.  Also, a 17th restaurant will be added to the resort and will be for butler guests only.

Beaches Sandy Bay is gone!  Sandals felt the brand did not reflect their luxury standards for room sizes, regardless of the upgrades Sandals made to try and improve them.  

The honeymoon plunge pool suites are being completed.  There are 18 left to go and when they are done they are going to be breathtaking.  

Fire Pits At All Resorts

There are fire pits at all of the resorts now, and for those who have had a chance to spend an evening sitting next to one, it’s the most romantic experience!  My husband and I sat by one last night, cuddled up on the lounger and with the cool breeze off the water and the warmth of the fire it felt like heaven.  Not to mention the sound of the ocean in the background and the stars overhead.  Don’t miss out on these when visiting Sandals or Beaches resorts!

Sandals is adding 15 MILLION more dollars just to their ingredients for their dining. It’s part of their new Discovery Dining program which will be bringing in new chefs from arond the world.  No when dining at the Italian restaurants your chefs will only be Italian.  Same with French, Japanese, etc.  Making the experience authentic and true to the dishes being served.

Resort Expansions:

Beaches resorts WOW us again!  They purchased the property next door to the Italian Village (formarly The Veranda) and have turned it into 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom luxury suites for families sleeping up to 16 guests in the highest suites.  This new village will be called the Key West Village and will be the 4th village at Beaches Turks & Caicos (along side the Italian Village, Caribbean Village, Seaside Village, and the French Village).  The Key West Village will include the famous butler service, and a first ever for Beaches Turks & Caicos- private plunge pools!!   In addition to the amazing suites being added, there will also be 3 new restaurants- a beach grill, a dining terrace, and a chic restaurant which means there will now be 19 dining selections at Beaches Turks & Caicos!

The Tahitian inspired over-the-water bunglaows are a GO!  The St. Lucian government had Sandals held up for months over the final building of the bungalows, leaving Sandals at a stand still.  Finally the St. Lucian government approved the continuation of the work being done and the final addition to the island.  The papers are currently being signed and Sandals will resume building the bungalows which should be available by the end of 2013 or early 2014.  Stay tuned for more updates on those!  They will be AMAZING.  

New Resort Alerts:

We will be able to begin booking our clients for Sandals Grena on December 18th, 2012.  Right now Sandals is working on building rondoval suites with private pools that will resemble the ones in Antigua and St. Lucia.   They are also adding penthouse building similar to Sandals Negril with swim up suites and on the 4th and 5th floors there will be private infinity plunge pools with breathtaking views of the ocean. There will also be 40 entry level room categories in Grenada and but they will all be gorgeous and luxurious rooms with views of the ocean.

Did You Know:

  • Sandals has been voted the World’s Best All-Inclusive Resort for 19 years in a row now!

  • The Sandals Foundation was founded by CEO Adam Stewart (son of the founder and Chairman of Sandals, Butch Stewart).  Through the foundation Sandals resorts, it’s guests, employees, and travel specialist have been able to raise funds to help give back to the surrounding communities in the Caribbean.  They’ve built schools for children, provided medical attnetion to those without health care, and have even contributed to a spay and neuter program to help cut down on the stray cat and dog problem in the Caribbean.  They also chartered 10 American planes and FILLED them with supplies for the relief efforts in Haiti, even though there are no Sandals properties in Haiti or Dominican Republic.  See more about the foundation, and know that when you visit Sandals you are contributing to this wonderful foundation.  You may also make a donation directly to them should you choose.  100% of the profits go to the foundation and their programs.

  • Sandals Resorts International opened up the industry’s first university.  The Sandals University helps staff members earn certifications and degrees in hospitality and other various fields in our industry.  They are constantly looking for a way to improve the happiness and success of their employees.

  • Sandals is currently working on buying and opening a property in Barbados.  It may take another year to find the right spot, but Sandals is always expanding and updating their brand.  So look for many more Sandals & Beaches resorts throughout the Caribbean.

There are many great inclusions and perks of being guests at Sandals Resorts, and we’re excited to share them all with you!  If you want more information or want to work with Kira to plan and book your next vacation to Sandals or Beaches, please contact her at, call 888-FREE-MPP, or visit us at   

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