When Is Lobster Season In The Caribbean (At Sandals & Beaches Resorts)?

When Is Lobster Season In The Caribbean, At Sandals & Beaches Resorts?
WARNING: Vegetarians, Vegans and those allergic to lobster need not read further!

If you're like me, you LOVE lobster.  Even more so when it's part of the all-inclusive package when you're on a Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts vacation.  There is nothing like going to a restaurant at the resort you are staying at, ordering a nice juicy filet minion and lobster tail (aka Surf' n' Turf for all you steak and seafood lovers) and asking for not one, but two orders!   Yes, this is possible.  Yes, it's still completely free as part of the all inclusive package.  And yes, this is dangerous to anybody's diet. Ask my husband.  He knows all about ordering doubles of steak and lobster.  He is practically famous for the amount of red meat and seafood he consumes when we stay at these resorts. Honestly, if you ever meet him, just ask him about the story of his photo on the wall in Le Petit Chateau at Beaches Turks and Caicos. That was the night I almost lost my husband to an actual food coma.  

Well, leave it to my lobster-loving husband to give me the idea for this blog one day.  Out of the blue he asked me "I keep forgetting when lobster seasons are, and our clients always ask us.  You should just make a blog about it so we have the info all in one place."  Genius idea, honey!   And voila, here you have it, a blog highlighting OPEN lobster season in the Caribbean.  

Before I go into dates, I want to explain what "OPEN" and "CLOSED" lobster season means.
"OPEN lobster season" means that fishing, trapping, selling and serving local lobster is allowed.
"CLOSED lobster season" means fishing, trapping, selling, and serving local lobster is not allowed.

So now, without further adieu, the dates lobster season is OPEN in the Caribbean per this blog source:

Jamaica: July 1st - March 31st  

Bahamas: August 1st- March 31st  

Turks and Caicos: August 2nd - March 31st 

Antigua: July 1st - April 30th  

St. Lucia: August 2nd - February 28th  

Grenada: September 1st - April 30th  

Barbados: Sept 1st - April 30th  

Curacao: Open

Note, this information is always subject to change due to government regulations. It's best to check with the tourist board for your intended destination for the most accurate information if having lobster available for you is important for your trip. When lobster is not available, the resort uses shrimp as a substitute.

The fluctuation in dates just shows that there are cases where seasons may open or close earlier or later than expected.  It all depends on the amount of lobsters available for catching.  Less lobsters means less time to catch so the lobster population won't dwindle down too low.  It's all part of the fishing regulations on each island.

So when it comes to planning your vacation, if you're a big lobster lover, plan to stay at least a few weeks into the normal lobster season, if not mid-season, just to make sure you don't miss out on all that delicious goodness. 

In my opinion, the best rule of thumb to follow is that OPEN season is Fall and Winter, and CLOSED season is Spring and Summer.  Like I mentioned before, dates vary of course, but this is much easier to remember.  

Now... to make you really want to get down to the Caribbean and have some unlimited lobster, here are a bunch of pictures of lobster dishes we've eaten down at Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  Prepare for your mouth to water...

Take a guess what's under here?
BOOM!  Filet Minion, Lobster Tail, Crab Claws and Oyster.
Lobster Risotto anyone?
The Sandals Chefs at Sandals Royal Bahamian grilling up
Lobster tails on Sandals Cay (the private island)
Okay so no lobster in here, but I had to share this...
it's a kayak full of seafood (crab claws, shrimp, mussels, & oysters)
Lobster with shrimp fried rice.
Lobster, crab claws, shrimp, and Mahi Mahi
This Lobster and Filet Minion were in a red wine sauce.
 It was perfection! 
More Surf' n' Turf

TWO Lobster tails, rice, shrimp, pasta... oh and crab legs. 

Seafood with a view.... only at Gordon's On The Pier
(a Sandals exclusive restaurant)

So what are you waiting for?  Get down there and try all these dishes out for yourself!  

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