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You may have heard the rumor that Sandals Resorts is looking to expand to Mexico. Well, I'm happy to announce that the rumors are true. I had the privilege of being in attendance at the meeting where the Sandals Chairman, Gordon "Butch" Stewart, made the brief announcement that indeed they were looking to expand to Mexico and soon.

"We are in final negotiations to construct two resorts in Mexico." Mr. Steward explained. "That will be our next stop."

Moments earlier, CEO Adam Stewart spoke to us promising, "bigger and better things in the future... Stay tuned." Boy did they deliver on that!

Sandals presenting to our group on December 5th at the 14th Annual STAR Awards at Sandals Whitehouse

Naturally, the announcement came as quite a surprise to many. Sandals Resorts has made a name for itself as a Caribbean brand, so to see them expanding to Mexico has some excited but also a bit concerned with how that transition would play out.

There is no word yet on if both resorts will be the couple's only Sandals Resorts or if there are plans to make one a family-friendly Beaches Resorts too.  No matter what, I have full faith in Sandals Resorts that they will find a way to bring everything we love about the Sandals Resorts chain along with them to Mexico. I'm proud and excited for the brand and look forward to more news as it comes in!  Like Adam said, "stay tuned" because more information to "soon come".

Sandals Mexico Update as of Jan 26, 2016 

Adam Stewart, CEO of Sandals Resorts, spoke to Travel Agent Magazine and confirmed that they expect to break ground by the end of 2016 on a Sandals property in Riviera Maya, Mexico, "further north" of Playa del Carmen, according to Stewart.

The announcement was also made that the brand's tour company, Island Routes, would be expanding to Cancun and St. Kitts. However, there is still no word on if the second property Sandals mentioned opening in Mexico will be another Sandals Resort or if they will make it a Beaches Resorts property, or where it is planned to be opened.

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