Top 5 Favorite Travel Must-Haves

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1) The Right Travel Bag 

I try not to check bags when I travel for only a week or less. It costs extra money and I end up overpacking and not using half the stuff I brought down. But in order to utilize the maximum amount of space, I needed to find a bag big enough to fit under the airplane seat but also had space for as much of my items as possible. I found the ECOSUSI Weekend Shoulder Bag and it was perfect! Not only does it look great, but it's functional. I love the separate compartment for my computer as well as the large zipper area to store personal items. My favorite feature is the sleeve on the back that allows the bag to attach to the handle of your carry on suit case. This way you aren't carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder the whole time. It fits my lap top, iPad, charger/wires, refillable water bottle, zip lock bag of snacks, iPhone, wallet, keys, pair of socks, sweater, sunglasses (in case), travel document holder, and it still has room for plenty more. The bag also fits perfectly under the airplane seat!
For men who don't want a weekend bag, a great alternative is the Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack. Backpacks are always easier for travel because it allows you to be hands free, but this bag is even better because it has different compartments for more efficient packing and a special "Check-Fast Airport Security Friendly Sleeve." It also has a back sleeve that allows you to attach it to the handle of your suitcase if you'd prefer your carry on to handle all the weight of the bag. Plus, this bag is extremely spacious! My husband uses it for his trip and packs his large laptop, GoPro equipment, a pair of sneakers, a pair of flip flops, some additional clothes, snacks, two books, magazine, wallet, keys, iPhone, chargers, his toiletry bag (shaver, cologne, soaps, etc) and that about fills it up to the point where it just fits under the airplane seat with not much room to spare.

2) Travel Wallet/Passport Holder

If you want to stay organized on your trip, a Travel Wallet is a must-have. I recommend finding one that you can fit at least 2 passports in, as well as credit cards, boarding passes/travel confirmations, receipts, and pens. You'll need all of those items and you'll want them handy at all times. Nothing is worse than having to fish through your travel bags to find these things when you need them most. The Beurling Travel Wallet is a great option to consider when shopping around for a good document holder. It's radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking case cover protects your important documents/personal information from being scanned by thieves.

3) Waterproof Phone Case

If you're traveling to a place where you plan to swim (or be out in the elements) and don't want to spend a ton of money on a weatherproof case, then a waterproof/weatherproof phone bag is a great alternative to get. I used this YOSH case for my iPhone while snorkeling in Antigua and in Barbados, as well as used it regularly in my pool at home. It's always kept my phone completely dry and allows me to type, text, take photos/video, etc. while in the water. I love being able to go into the ocean/pool with my phone and not worrying about leaving it somewhere unattended. It's not just for the beach, you can also have it in the snow and it's dust/dirt proof too.

4) Stick On Card Holder

Someone gave one of these as a gift to me earlier this year. Before that, I hadn't really ever thought twice about having a card holder on my phone. But now, I wouldn't travel without it. I always have my phone with me, so it's simple to slide a room key, credit card and/or cash into the pocket which means you don't have to lug a purse around the resort all day. The rubber backing makes easier to grip the phone in your hand, but it also protects your room card keys from being deactivated from being near by your cell phone.

You can find these online for cheap, like this Stick On Card Holder Wallet by CardBuddy

4) Global Entry with TSA Pre-Check

Sometimes I wonder how I survived before we got Global Entry. This program has saved us so much time and hassle while traveling that I don't think I could ever go back to the "normal" way of traveling again. Global Entry allows us to skip the long lines at Immigrations and Customs where we go to a kiosk instead then to a dedicated fast-track line for both. It also comes with TSA Pre-Check which allows us to enter a dedicated (shorter) security line where we don't need to take out our laptops or liquids, or take off our shoes. I wrote a more detailed report about this on another blog post.


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