My Review of Eden Roc Hotel

My husband, Robert, and I were given an opportunity this past week to attend a special sailing of the Carnival Horizon ship from Miami and I knew I had to take a day to check out a resort I've been hearing so much about for the past few years.

Eden Roc and it's neighboring sister resort, Nobu, are both part of the AIC Hotel Group which includes the Hard Rock all-inclusive resorts and the Unico resort I had the pleasure of staying at last year and blogged about, which you can view here. After our stay at Unico I knew I had to check out Eden Roc, especially when the brand announced earlier this year that Eden Roc would be offering all-inclusive packages for the summer, making it the only all-inclusive option in Miami Beach, and one of the only in the continental USA. [Please note: As of 2019, Eden Roc no longer has an all-inclusive resort option and is "hotel only".  We've left the review on this blog as is, since our experience was not with the all-inclusive package they had been offering for a limited time, but was their standard hotel experience.]

I can't tell you how many clients of mine have asked for all-inclusive options in the US but had to compromise on having an awesome beach with it. For example, there is a Club Med in Port St. Lucie (FL) but it's on a lake. There are also all-inclusive ski vacations, but when you're looking for a warm vacation that isn't helpful. Eden Roc answered a lot of prayers by offering an all-inclusive option for their beautiful beachfront hotel.

So, naturally, we had to check it out. And when we did, we were impressed by many things, surprised by some, and a little frustrated by others. All-in-all, it was a pretty great, though short, stay and we would definitely return.

Here is a breakdown of everything with a full review of our stay which did not include the all-inclusive package.

The first staff you'll encounter on arrival is the valet staff. Parking in Miami Beach is a nightmare and we were only staying for the night so we knew it made sense to just have them valet our car. That cost us $44 off the bat, without tip. The good news is, for $44, it was a one time charge for the night and you could have them bring the car to you or park it as much as you needed. So it wasn't like it would be $44 every time we needed the car. Valet is not included in the all-inclusive package, so keep that in mind and be prepared to pay around $45 a day/night for parking through the hotel's valet.

Public Parking:
To save on parking costs I recommend researching other options. There is Miami Beach Parking Lot #71 at 4621 Collins Ave right next door to the hotel. We didn't park here but I saw online that they have an hourly rate of $2 and a flat rate of $20 for overnight (from 6pm-8am). This is definitely something worth considering if you don't want to pay for valet every night.

For a hotel, check-in was standard. We arrived around 2pm and our room was ready for us. They did a $200 hold on our card for incidentals but that was returned to us when we checked-out the following day. The staff were friendly and welcoming.

Our first stop before heading to the room was to the Concierge desk next to the check-in counter. We wanted to make sure we got a reservation for the Nobu restaurant that evening. Our concierge was very helpful and even walked across the hotel lobby to Nobu to get us a menu so we could look at it while he set up the reservation. He was able to get us in for a table for two at seven o'clock when they opened and pointed us in the direction of our elevators (which were behind the ballrooms to the far left). That was all we needed assistance with and we were on our way after that.

The Room:
Gorgeous. That's the best word to describe the room. We booked a Junior Suite Ocean View which came with a view of the beach at an angle, and below us was a view of the pool areas. Being on the 16th floor, I didn't go out onto the balcony much but there was a table and two chairs out there and the railings were made of glass so it was easy to see the view from the room without much obstruction.

Room walkthrough video:

We had a king bed and it was pretty unique because you walk into the room and there is the bathroom to your left and closets to the right and then when you go into the main living area there is a bar height table that runs the length of the bed and has two bar stools and then beyond that is the king bed which isn't up against the wall but up against the table and has a direct view of the ocean through the balcony doors, and then in front of the bed is a love seat. The TV is on the wall but it is at an angle and pulls away from the wall so you can see it from the bed. It was a pretty interesting layout but allowed you to have an amazing view while laying in bed. Great design idea.

The bathroom had a jetted tub and a separate shower, but the tub and shower were inside the same area with a glass door. So while one of you is in the tub the other could be showering right next to it. Plus when you get out of the tub you don't have to worry about wet feet on the regular tile of the bathroom floor.

We did use the tub for a short time to test it out. It was very comfortable for the two of us to share and we didn't feel cramped or constricted. (Tip: The shower gel is put on the ledge by the tub, so if you're looking to take a shower but only see shampoo and conditioner, check the ledge of the tub).

There is a separate toilet area (with no outlet allowing you to switch on the vent which was strange) and then a double sink but set up so it's one long rectangle basin with two faucets.

You will see two dove grey bathrobes, one hanging in the shower area and the other in the closet. They are super soft and comfortable, but don't try and take them home. It will set you back $100 each robe (per the letter in the room about it).

There is a safe in the closet which we used. Very easy to program like safes at all the other hotels/resorts. Just pick the 4 digit code you wish to use and hit the button to lock it and it's programed. But don't forget the code!

The bed was my favorite part of the room. I ended up taking photos of the mattress tag (it's a Beautyrest - By Simmons Hospitality) and the pillows (those are TY Glamour Collection - Firm). I'm not sure if they're even available for retail outside of the hospitality industry but I plan to search high and low to find them and buy them. It was probably the most comfortable sleep I've had at a hotel.

The Property:
Immaculate. They take pride in their hotel grounds and it shows. Everything looked clean and well maintained. I loved the foliage. There are palm trees in all the right places to give this hotel a beach vibe even when you couldn't see the ocean from where you were. There are tropical flowers and plants in abundance all over the property and the colors are beautiful.

The Pools:
There are currently three pools. The first pool is the main pool which you'll see when coming from the lobby. It was the largest of the three and had the most sun loungers available. It also has lap lanes.

Then up a few steps beyond that pool is the second one, which is a bit smaller. That was the only one of the three we went into during our stay and it was heated. There is also a hot tub on that deck but it's under a cover so we didn't notice it until later.

Down the steps by the bar is a smaller plunge pool, smaller than a pool size you'd find in most backyards.

There is also a pool on the top deck above the Malibu Farms restaurant, however, it wasn't opened to guests and isn't listed on their website, but we could see it from our room.

Towels are available and provided to all guests at no extra charge. There are wooden towel towers or huts all over. You'll also find water dispensers in similar wooden boxes outside so you can easily get cold water and stay hydrated.

Cabanas and Loungers:
I loved the lounge beds by the pool. They were very comfortable. If you wanted one set up for you all you had to do was ask anyone at the towel huts. They will come out and put down soft towels and make sure you're comfortable. There was no charge for the loungers we saw around the pool decks.

However, there is a charge for the cabanas you'll find on the back row by the pools. Those are the "Main Pool Cabanas" that are covered/shaded. 
For the $350 price tag (per day) you'll receive the following:

  • Up to 4 Guests
  • Shaded Lounge Chairs & Full-Size Sun Bed
  • Bottle of Prosecco
  • Signature Pool Towels
  • Fruit Plate
  • Magazines
  • 6 Bottles of Fiji Water
  • Food & Beverage Service (additional cost)
Not worth it in my opinion when there are lounge beds that aren't shaded right in front of them and free.

There are also cabanas for rent down on the lawn area before you exit to the beach.
Those are the "ERC Garden Cabanas" and they are $250 per day which include:
  • Up to 6 Guests 
  • Bottle of Prosecco
  • Ottoman
  • Side Sofa
  • Umbrella
  • Signature Pool Towels
  • Fruit Plate
  • Magazines
  • 6 Bottles of Fiji Water
  • Lounge Chairs and Food & Beverage Service Available Upon Request

Bar Service:
One thing we liked at check-in was that we received four little plastic nectarines that we were told were for two free select drinks each at the beach/pool bar. Robert, my husband, and I are not big drinkers but if it's free and I knew I was writing this blog, I figured we'd try it out.

The first drink I ordered was a frozen strawberry margarita. It was too heavy on the liquor and because it was so strong I knew I couldn't have a second drink with liquor or I'd regret it. So I had a virgin strawberry daiquiri as my second drink. That was delicious. I'd order that again and pay for it.

My husband had a margarita on the rocks and the first drink was too strong like mine. I think the bartender thought he was doing us a favor and hooking us up with extra liquor but we aren't big drinkers and so it ended up not being a good thing for us.

His second margarita, made by a different bartender, was much better and he kept commenting on how good it was. I took a quick sip and agreed it was made perfectly. Moral of that story is, if it's not made to your liking, take it back and have them doing it again because had we paid for the first drinks we would have wasted our money, but the second drinks were great.

They also have someone coming around the pool area taking drink orders, so you don't need to walk down to the bar on the lower deck if you don't want to.

There is a bar in the Nobu restaurant as well as at Malibu Farms.

There is also a bar in the main lobby which we did not try but seems to be a popular spot in the evening.

The Beach:
Miami Beach is known for it's beautiful water, so I wasn't expecting anything less. There was some seaweed on the shore and in the water by where the waves break, but it wasn't anything too awful (it's the ocean so this is normal). The beach is not too wide here so you don't have to worry about a long walk on the hot sand (and oh my goodness yes, the sand is scorching hot!).

Access to the beach is simple, the property is gated but the gates are open allowing guest to walk across the boardwalk area to the beach. Security is present nearby, just in case you need them.

Eden Roc and Nobu have a nice set up right there by the water with rows of chairs for their guests. The beach beds are complimentary for all guests, however if you want an umbrella or shade cover that will set you back $25 per day.

Here is my one and only issue with the resort, and it's not even fully the resorts fault, it's Miami Beach in general. Everything is so overpriced. You can view the menu online for the restaurants on property and clearly see the pricing is high.

For example, at Malibu Farm, a burger or sandwich you're looking at spending around $20 per person and that doesn't include drinks or gratuities.

The food was underwhelming at Nobu. Shocker, I know, because it's such a popular spot to dine in Miami Beach (Robert De Niro is a co-owner). We spent $18 for a tiny bite sized appetizer of one crab and one lobster tacos that I was expecting to taste incredible, but it was just okay.

Then for my husband and I to each get 6 sushi rolls (12 total) it was another $26 total ($14 for my shrimp tempura roll and $12 for his tuna roll). Insane! And I was pretty upset that it didn't taste anything different than the sushi I can get at home for $5 for 6 rolls.

I was at least expecting the food to be out of this world delicious, then I could have justified the price, but it's clear you're only paying for the name here and for the location (which mind you, doesn't even have an ocean view or anything from the restaurant). It was a big rip off and let down, but again, that isn't the hotel's fault. It's the overpriced restaurant chain. Our bill ended up being around $50 with tip, and we didn't drink anything but water and eat anything but two sushi rolls and two small tacos. Not worth the price at all.

Malibu Farm was a better place to eat. We ended up ordering a pizza here to share after we were done at Nobu and it was delicious. Plus it was only $22, so the price was much better on our budget, especially after eating at Nobu for all that money. We had the margarita pizza (labeled as "tomato" I believe). I would definitely order it again. In fact, the next day while eating pizza on the cruise ship my husband said "I miss the pizza from Eden Roc".

One thing that is nice is there is a Starbucks in the lobby which means you can get "cheaper" quick service food and drinks/coffee. This was helpful on the day we were leaving and wanted to grab coffees to go. But, that set us back $14 because like everything else in Miami, prices are inflated.

In Room Dining/Drinking:
Room service was incredibly expensive so we didn't even bother ordering from there. But here is a sample of the menu:

Something that also irked me was that the hotel put snacks in the room and then seriously overcharged you for access to them. For example, a small can of Pringles (you know, the one that is like a quarter size of a regular can) was TEN DOLLARS. Just... no, Eden Roc.

Of course all the drinks in the mini bar and fridge are over priced as well, so we didn't touch them. They do give you two complimentary small water bottles in the room.

Honestly, when we go back-- because we will someday definitely go back-- we'll make sure to stock up on things we can eat in our room when we're feeling hungry instead of paying astronomical prices for items you can get down the street at the store for a fraction of the cost.

However, if you are part of the all-inclusive experience the in room snacks, liquor, soft drinks, and a select room service menu are included in that cost. So keep that in mind if you are considering the all-inclusive package.

In Closing:
All-in-all the resort was beautiful and we'd definitely stay there again. I wasn't happy about how they nickel and dime you for certain things, but that's the hotel industry and it's not exclusive to this particular hotel, especially not in Miami Beach.

I would definitely recommend the all-inclusive option if you travel during a time frame that they offer it. It will help cut down on the cost of the food you'll be eating there. But then again, if you want to explore Miami beyond the hotel, it may not be worth it for you. It will all depend on what you're looking to experience out of your stay.

I love the all-inclusive concept and would love to be able to stay a few nights next time and test it out. The food at Malibu Farm, where the all-inclusive food would be from, was delicious and I'd be happy to dine there throughout my stay. (Tip: Nobu restaurant isn't included in the all-inclusive package). 

You'll find a list of the all-inclusive inclusions on the Eden Roc website here. For a complete album of photos, feel free to visit my Facebook page here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or if you want a price quote or are ready to book, visit and select me as the agent you wish to work with. If you're on the fence, take a look at my reviews to get an idea of what my past clients are saying about working with me:

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