[Review] GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Compact Stroller - The Best Stroller For Traveling With A Toddler

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Meet the "GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Compact Stroller"

Yes, that is a stroller inside of a backpack. This stroller has revolutionized the way parents with small kids can travel. I'd been eyeing this one up for a few years now, ever since we started our baby registry in 2019. But we held off because the stroller wasn't compatible with our baby carrier and opted for the Graco travel system instead. We figured we'd revisit the Pockit stroller when it came time to take our son on his first plane ride.

Almost three years later, it was time for us to take our son on his first trip, to Beaches Resorts and we finally made the purchase. I can't tell you how excited I was to get this package in the mail. I immediately opened it up and got to work practicing how to open and close it.

First things first, the box it comes in is super small. My desktop computer screen came in a bigger box. Before even opening anything, I was blown away by the size. But once opened this contraption looked to be similar dimensions to my laptop, which was crazy to me. No to mention it's so lightweight. I could easily carry it with one hand.

Once opened up the stroller actually provided a really comfortable seat for our two year old. He could easily climb into it on his own. The mesh backing made it breathable for him, which was extra helpful since we were traveling from and to very warm climates during our first trip. I also loved that the wheels were easy to maneuver on all terranes. At one point we even had it on the beach in fairly compact sand and it didn't give us too much trouble. Of course, because it's so lightweight, it also was easy to lift if we got it stuck anywhere.

But honestly, the whole reason we got the stroller was because the reviews promised one important thing for us -- you can use this stroller as a carry-on which meant no need to gate check this at the airplane. When we travel, we don't check bags, and I wanted a stroller we could easily take through the airport and not worry about having it damaged or lost at gate-check. 

So did it work?

Absolutely! Our first trip was a success! Not only was it easy to open and close regularly (it takes mere seconds to collapse or open up), but it stowed perfectly under the seat just like our other backpacks. The carrying bag also had a sleeve on the back that allowed us to slide the suitcase handle into it so we didn't have to carry it on our backs.

Stowed under the seat

Our son loved pushing it around Beaches Negril where we stayed. Or in the airports when he was bored. He liked that he could see out the back through the mesh which let him know where he was going. He spent a lot of time pushing his Sesame St. toys around.

And it was easy for Mom and Dad to use. Here you can clearly see him sitting in it. There is plenty of space for him and his toys and a little room to grow for the next few years.

You can find the stroller on Amazon here and it comes with black accents or blue. We opted for the black but the blue was slightly cheaper at the time of purchase.

Don't forget to buy the travel bag for it. There are plenty of brand options out there but this the one we went with because it had a 5% off coupon and also folded up into a tiny pouch when not in use. This made it easier to store in the bottom of the stroller. It also made it easier to store underneath the seat in the airplane.

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