What To Know About Sandals St Vincent

Welcome to Sandals St. Vincent. Nestled between the mountains in a valley, this private oasis surrounded by lush greenery on three sides and vibrant water on the other. It's so secluded you won't see any large structures visible outside of the resort. It's much like the set up at Sandals South Coast with lush mountains as the backdrop and a beautiful blue sea as the focal point. Some have likened it to a "Jurassic Park" setting where everything just appears untouched, tropical and picturesque. A true paradise - minus the dinosaurs, of course.

I've put together a list of all the things that you may not know or may be looking to learn about this brand new resort.

The sand on the beach was imported.

All around outside of the resort you'll find black sand beaches from the volcanic rock. But at Sandals St. Vincent on the beach you'll find that soft powder white sand you're familiar with in other parts of the Caribbean. This is because the owners of the previous property imported the sand from another island in order to make the beach more attractive to guests and Sandals kept it that way. However, once you get into the water, you'll find the black sand again.

There may be "liquid sunshine".

Due to the resorts location, it's not uncommon for it to rain for a little while in the afternoons as the clouds roll off the mountains. For this reason, Sandals came up with the idea for in-room media or fitness rooms.

The resort has also come up with extra entertainment during any rainy periods of the day. Another first of its kind will be the "rain concierge" who will bring snacks, games, and books to your room for you should you decide to stay indoors. Or you can join in a yoga session in a covered pavilion with let the soothing sound of rain be your soundtrack. And don't worry, all of the rooms on property have umbrellas to help keep you dry.

If you're looking for something unique, try a rain photo shoot with the on-site Epix photo studio.

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

The beach club, Parisol, is where to spend the day.

Think beach club like on the islands of Ibiza, St. Barts, or St Tropez. Music plays through the day as guests unwind in or around the infinity pool or at the grill and bar all overlooking the pristine beach. There is no swim-up bar here, but instead wait staff takes your orders from a drink and snack menu. 

At the restaurant, there is a full menu for à la carte breakfast from 8am - 10:30am that includes smoothies, cassava pancakes, steak and eggs, and several other options including some local dishes. Lunch is served from 12pm to 7pm  and the all day menu includes items like cracked conch, mahi bites, roasted pork loin, burgers, and more. The bar stays open from 10am to midnight.

There is also a snack menu from noon to 6pm that serves a smaller version of the restaurant menu that is available to order from while lounging by the pool. But if you want something different, there is restaurant for salads and pizza just steps away, too.

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

It has the longest pool in the Caribbean.

When you first walk into the resort's open air lobby you'll see the stunning resort pool that appears to go on forever. It is the longest pool in the Caribbean, at the time of opening, and is guaranteed to make you say "wow" outloud. 

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

This is a foodies paradise.

Foodies will find themselves happy with this new resort. Dishes at every restaurant have ties to popular local favorites and ingredients. The brand really tried to incorporate the island into every menu and by even creating a brand new restaurant. The Buccan restaurant is a first of it's kind for the Sandals brand. It's family-style seating, which means you're sharing one long table with multiple other guests. The food is local cuisine and is a must try! You will need a reservation and spaces fill up fast so it's recommended you book it fast and let them know if you won't be going so someone else can take your reservation.

There are also ten other restaurants which include a steak house, sushi, seafood and Italian buffet. For quick meals there is brick oven pizza, Jerk Shack, green bowls, and a beach grill. You'll also have a coffee shop and an ice cream shop. All of this is included in your resort stay, of course.

There are also 9 bars on property including a rum bar, beach club bar, swim up bar, and a lobby bar.

One thing different with this resort from other Sandals properties is that guests are treated to complimentary in-room packaged snacks to indulge in during their stay. Concierge level guests will have access to a room service menu from 7am - 10pm. Meanwhile, butler guests have access to the 24 hour room service menu and the ability to have their butlers deliver food and drinks to their room from any restaurant or bar on resort.

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

There are no outlets in the bathrooms.

Due to safety codes on the island, no outlets are located inside the bathroom. Bring extension cords if you will need an outlet for your hair dryer, shaver, etc. Or, better yet, invest in cordless rechargeable options for when you travel. My husband is a big fan of the Phillips Norelco OneBlade, mainly because of its rechargeable features, but also because it's waterproof which makes it easier for him to shave in the shower. But don't worry, there are American outlets (110v) in the room as well as European outlets and USB. 

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

The island is safe and beautiful to explore

Crime is relatively low in St. Vincent, and the pockets that do exist are in more populated areas and generally tend to be involving locals. That said, always be vigilant and take precautions when traveling anywhere to maintain your personal safety and the safety of you possessions. 

It's recommended that tourists don't wear flashy and expensive items, or make large amounts of cash visible. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and don't venture around the island with anyone you don't know who isn't licensed to provide tours and transfers. And obviously, a big one, don't partake in any illegal situations. 

In terms of exploring, the beautiful is so incredible you're going to want to see it all. But it is advised not to hike outside of the resort. It not safe without a guide as tourists can get lost, injured, or worse along the unfamiliar terrain.

However, there are plenty of tour options to view the beauty of this island. Majestic waterfalls, black sand beaches, volcanic craters, tropical rainforests, and crystal coastlines... you can view it all with Island Routes, the Sandals tour company. Or, if you want to stick close to the resort, consider kayaking to Bat Cave nearby, doing a resort included Padi dive to see unique black coral, or snorkeling just offshore.

Also, being that the island is close to St. Lucia, Barbados and Grenada, this is a perfect destination for island hopping!

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

Transfer time is an hour.

While the map shows the airport is a mere 15 miles away from the resort, the drive to get from the airport to the resort actually takes an hour. If you're prone to carsickness beware and make sure to bring medication because you'll be going up and down the mountain along some narrow roads and around bends. Or, you can book a butler level suite and transfer by boat (see #9).

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

Butler guest get complimentary boat transfers.

If you're staying in a butler level category you'll be receiving complimentary boat transfers, a first for the Sandals brand. Upon arrival to the island, you'll clear customs and immigration then be whisked away by private transfer to a marina just a few minutes away. Once there you'll embark on a quick 20 minute boat ride that hugs the beautiful coast and delivers you directly to the resort's pier. Your bags will remain with you during the transfer. It's unknown if this service will be made available at an additional cost for non-butler guests.

Photo of a luxury catamaran in Antigua, not the actual boat for transfers in St Vincent. Photo credit: Kira Solomon

There is a two bedroom butler villa option.

The "Beachfront Two Bedroom Butler Villa Suite with Private Pool (BVIP)" is exactly as it sounds. Two couples can book this room and split the cost which will get them a beachfront suite with a private pool and butler level service for the price per couple of a club room. It's a huge value, so if you have friends you like to travel with this option is the way to go. You'll each get your own master suites with ensuite bathrooms and your rooms will connect to a shared living room (pictured below) and access to the shared patio with a private plunge pool. To book this option, visit myparadiseplanner.com/help.

Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

My take away...

This is already an incredible resort and it's only going to get better. I'll be heading down there in mid-May for the Sandals Travel Agency Recognition Awards and will be linking my blog post with more information here. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here, so you can see all the video updates I'll be posting from the resort (including room walk-through videos).

My biggest recommendation for this property is to splurge on a butler suite if possible. Not only will a butler suite provide you with the best views and locations on resort, but with the boat transfers and the 24 hour room service menu this is the resort to book a butler stay at.

Right now there is an up to $1,500 Air Credit!

Airfare may look a little confusing right now but trust me, more options are coming soon as Sandals is in talks with the different airlines to expand service to the island. But for now, Sandals is offering an up to $1,500 airfare credit to help with the costs. The catch is that you have to book the flights with your Sandals package and to get the full $1,500 you'll need to stay for 7 nights or more through the end of January, 2025. However, you can only book this deal from today through April 17th, 2024. Terms and conditions apply and can be found on the Sandals St. Vincent website here.

Note: If the cost of the flights are less than the qualifying air credit, the difference will not be remitted as a balance or as a credit.

What's even better is that Sandals St. Vincent is also coming up on the 7-7-7 deals almost every week, which means there are some incredible deals to be found right now for this property. 

How Can You Book? 

I am a Sandals Chairman's Royal Club member, one of the highest accolades Sandals/Beaches offers their top selling travel agent partners. This means that you have one of the world’s best Sandals specialists at your fingertips and it costs you nothing extra to work with me. I book you direct with Sandals, where I have my own dedicated call center team (called the Diamond Team!), my own corporate concierge, and a local Sandals rep in my area in the USA. Sandals has provided me with multiple tools to make sure you get the best service possible from me.

If my blog has helped you out but you wish to book direct with Sandals, please consider booking through my Sandals co-branded website so I get the credit for referring you.

NOTE: All information in this blog was collected at the time of publishing. Information above is always subject to change, per the resort.

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