Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE JetBlue

1) Unlimited Snacks and soft drinks. Yum.

2) The free (and personal) TV sets in the back of every seat with direct tv means that you are kept entertained form the minute you board to the minute you deplane. No more need for bulky magazines or portable devices. (Don't forget to bring your own headphones. Since May 2008, JetBlue no longer provides headphones for free. You will be charged for them).

3) Comfy leather seats make you feel like you are in first class, even if you are in the last row on the plane.

4) Most legroom I've ever had, AND if you still are itching for even more leg room, it's only $30 more each way for their "even more leg room" seats.

5) Sometimes I've seen fares as low as $29 bucks each way. PLUS, they have $1 deals every now and then.

6) TrueBlue points means the more you fly with them the more points you get. It's very easy to get 100 points which equals a free ticket.

7) Easy to maneuver website. Plus, they really care about their clients feedback and even let you suggest where they should fly to next! (I requested that they begin flying to Montego Bay from JFK once a week for about 4 months and on May 21st they will begin flying there. Hope I'm not the only one on the flight).

8) If you buy tickets and lose your job they will refund you the entire ticket. They were one of the first airlines to adopt this policy and deserve kudos for it before more airlines jump on this economically friendly (yet unfortunate) bandwagon.

9) JetBlue employees work extra hard. They begin preparing the each plane for the next flight before landing, so that everyone can bored and deplane quickly, meaning less delays! Also, there is no such thing as first class here, so people in the front of the plane and people in the back are treated equally with the same views and benefits. Everyone is first class here!

10) The price for all of these services are still cheaper, yet worth much more, than most airlines. Would you rather fly Delta or American for $300 round trip and have none of the cool services JetBlue offers? Or fly JetBlue for $300 and have all of the above? You choose. (Oh, and might I mention... FIRST CHECKED BAG IS FREE! Not many airlines are offering that right now.)

*By the way, I do not work for JetBlue. I just happen to be a big fan, if you have not been able to tell.

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