Why This Is The BEST Time To Travel...

I'm always glued to CNN Travel. I consider it my lifeline. So today I came across an article regarding the good and bad that this recession is bringing to travelers around the world.

Like everyone else, the travel industry is taking a big hit due to this economy's downward spiral. Here are a few good things and bad things you may happening soon:

Negatives first. We are likely to loose the following:

1. Hotel amenities - In order to save money, many hotels are doing away with things like those little bottles of lotion, and wash clothes, and even those free continental breakfasts!

2. Free carry on luggage- While many airlines are reducing the size limit on carry on bags, some airlines are contemplating making travelers pay for both checked AND carry on luggage. Ouch.

3. An airline- The worst case scenario, as seen already, is losing an airline itself. We've watched airlines merge in order to save themselves, like Northwestern and Delta, and others go for good. The current fear is, which one is next?

But here are the positives. We are most likely to gain (and benefit from) the following:

1. Free Wi-Fi everywhere- We all know hotels are jumping on this bandwagon, but soon everyone else may be too. Meaning planes, trains, buses, and automobiles. In fact, Southwestern Airlines recently began to add free Wi-Fi to some of their planes and plans to add to more in the near future. This is great for business commuters, and of course people with a serious addiction to the internet.

2. Better customer service- Due to the downsizing and layoffs customer service is bound to get better because not only will employees appreciate their jobs more but they will value their client's business and will work harder to keep them.

3. Lots and lots of bargains!- Right now is the BEST time to travel because the industry wants people to keep traveling so in return prices are dropping on everything. I've seen some amazing deals such as airfare for $29 each way, a Carnival cruise for $189 per person, and all-inclusive resorts going for $99 a night!

So while it is unfortunate that the economy is the way it is, we can all benefit a little from it. Take advantage of great offers, packages and deals before the prices go up.

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