5 Reasons To Book A Catamaran Cruise On Your Next Caribbean Vacation

5 Reasons To Book A Catamaran Cruise On Your Next Caribbean Vacation

Traveling to the islands frequently for work doesn't always allow me the downtime to actually get out there and explore the islands I visit. However, I never ever pass up an opportunity to enjoy a catamaran cruise with Island Routes. Why? Because they're guaranteed fun!

I'm not a partier by any means. Normally, I like quiet and laid back vacations. But every so often I get a chance to sail on a catamaran and I jump at it. 

Maybe it's something about the way the sun feels on my skin while the cool ocean sprays my face and the wind blows through my hair. 

Maybe it's the reggae music playing through the speakers while we sail by some of the world's most beautiful beaches that I would have never have seen if I'd stayed in the resort all week long.

Maybe it's the fact that I love to snorkel and always see the best marine life when I'm with an Island Routes snorkeling guide.

There are so many great reasons to book a catamaran cruise during your next Caribbean vacation but here are some of the most important reasons why I always recommend it.

You'll Explore The Best Your Destination Has To Offer:

Whether it's cliff diving at Ricks Cafe in Negril, climbing the waterfalls a Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, drinking at an overwater bar in the middle of the ocean in Jamaica, or snorkeling off of a secluded beach in Antigua, there is something for everyone to experience with an Island Routes catamaran cruise.

Not only do these cruises give you a chance to get out of your resort and see the island you're staying on, but you get to do it by sea which is always an even greater adventure. You'll sail, snorkel, drink, eat, dance and laugh. If you're like me, then by the time you get back to your resort you'll be sunburnt, exhausted, and smiling from ear-to-ear because you just had one of the best days of your vacation.

You'll See Things You Never Expected To See:

I've seen some pretty cool things while snorkeling on my own wether right off the resort beach or on a resort snorkeling tour. But nothing compares to what I see when I snorkel with Island Routes.

For starters, we spend more time in the water with Island Routes than we do when we snorkel with the resorts. So that gives us more opportunity to explore. We also go to different spots that seem to be teaming with marine life.

I'll never forget the first time I saw a sunken ship full of eels and tropical fish. Or the first time I watched a manta ray glide along the ocean floor below. Or that moment when a sea turtle swam right up next to me!

I've seen spear-fishers pierce a squid and watched it ink. I've seen baby squid swim in synchronization together. Puffer fish inflate. Octopus hide among the reef. Every time I see something new and better than the last time and it keeps me coming back time and time again to see what else I would have missed if I'd stayed at my resort all week.

You'll Always Be Safe And Looked After:

Safety is a priority when traveling anywhere, and especially when going off resort. Most people shy away from taking any tours or excursions because they worry it isn't safe to explore. However, you're in great hands with Island Routes. Never once did we ever feel unsafe with their crew, and we were always taken care of and looked after.

I was surprised to find out that when we went to Dunn's River Falls, one of the catamaran staff members joined our group on the climb up the falls. 

Likewise, I was equally impressed when snorkeling. Every single time we snorkel on a catamaran cruise with Island Routes we have a guide who takes us around the different ship wrecks and reefs and educates us about what we're seeing. I even had a guide take my GoPro for me and swim into a ship wreck to take the most incredible footage I never would have seen if he hadn't done that for me.

Their team also has a small boat that they use to patrol the water while you're snorkeling. So if anything happens and you need to get back to the boat quickly, their team is keeping an eye out and will take care of you.

You'll Enjoy The All-Inclusive Experience At Sea:

Don't worry about leaving all that food and drink behind at your all-inclusive resort. Island Routes has you covered for the afternoon while you're sailing. While you're working up an appetite snorkeling and then exploring some cool new place, your catamaran team is prepping a delicious meal for you.

Our last cruise had fresh fruit, tuna and chicken wraps, fried chicken, salad, and cookies. I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was, considering I didn't expect much for a catered lunch on a catamaran. Just the icing on the cake of a wonderful day at sea.

You'll Make Memories To Last A Lifetime

It doesn't matter where we go, or what we see, we always come home from an Island Routes catamaran cruise with memories that will last us a life time.

The first time I ever saw a waterfall was when we sailed to Dunn's River. I walked up the falls and cried half the time because I was so moved by how beautiful it all was. It was such a powerful experience.

I still remember the catamaran cruise in Barbados a few years back where we had a little three year old boy on the boat. He danced, and swam and snorkeled with all of us like a pro. And when we headed back after a day of fun, the team let him "drive" the boat for a little bit, an experience I bet he will remember for the rest of his life.

Every cruise has been like that, little moments and memories that we've bottled up and taken back home with us. Which is why every time we travel we try our hardest to schedule some time on the ocean with Island Routes because

Get 10% Off If You Book Select Cruises By May 31st, 2019

Island Routes is celebrating their catamaran cruises this month and because of that they're offering 10% off on select cruises. You'll need to use promo code SEA10 when you book anytime from May 1st - May 31st, 2019.

"Missed the boat" on this deal? Don't worry! Deals like this come up every so often, and some select resorts sometimes offer complimentary catamaran cruises during certain promotional times. Make sure to reach out to me and find out when these deals come up so you can take advantage of them too.

Happy Sailing with Island Routes!

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