What is the 777 Deal At Sandals Resorts?

We love to get our clients the best possible deals for Sandals and Beaches Resorts, so naturally the weekly 7-7-7 deal is something we keep a close eye. However, we are surprised to find that many don't know about this special deal and how it works. Today, I'm going to help break it down for you and help you save some money on your next Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts vacation.

What is the "7-7-7 Deal"?

Every Wednesday morning (at midnight Eastern time usually), Sandals and Beaches release a new deal for the week. This deal consists of a select number of rooms that will only be on sale for a full week. Some weeks you'll find mostly entry rooms in the sale, other weeks you'll find club or butler levels, or a mix at times. From that Wednesday morning through to the following Tuesday night you'll be able to book the weekly deals. Deals start Wednesday morning at midnight (Eastern standard time) and expire Tuesday evening before midnight (Eastern standard time).

Why is it called "7-7-7"?

A few people have asked if it has to do with luck or gambling. Not entirely, though luck plays a role if you catch a great deal for your travel dates. It's called 7-7-7 because the deal includes 7 room categories that go on sale for 7 days for an extra 7% off the "rack room rate" (which is a travel industry term for price of the room before any promotions or discounts are applied).

How does it work?

The extra 7% comes off of the rack room rate. Sometimes you'll see a room at Sandals or Beaches available for 65% off. That is usually the highest percentage you'll see it discounted at. However, with the 7-7-7 deal, you get an additional 7% off of that percentage, meaning depending on when you travel luck has it, you could get up to 72% off.

Who can get this deal?

Anyone who books a Sandals or Beaches vacation for a minimum of 3 nights stay can get this deal as long as your travel dates meet the travel window for any deals during that week. Your Sandals Specialist (that's us!) can get you this deal and go over all of the details and questions with you.

Where can I find the deal listed each week?

Each week Sandals and Beaches will list the 7-7-7 deals directly on their website. You can find the deals for Sandals here and the deals for Beaches here.

To know what travel dates are included in the deal each week, you'll want to click the link that says "view 7-7-7 offer details for this room". Or you can ask your Sandals Specialist for that information.

Can this deal be combined with other promotions?

Yes! That's the great part about this deal. You can combine it with other promotional deals such as military discounts, free nights, etc. This can add to the overall savings you'll receive and give you the most bang for your buck. In fact, if you want to ensure you're getting the best possible deals, make sure to reach out to us for help planning and booking your next trip.

How do I get this deal if I'm already booked?

If you're already booked you'll want to keep an eye on the weekly deals as they come out each Wednesday morning. If your room comes up in the sale you'll need to reach out to your Sandals Specialist to see if you can have it price matched. Or if you've booked direct then you'll have to contact Sandals directly. If your specialist knows you are keeping an eye out for deals then they may see it pop up before you do. In fact, many times I've had 7-7-7 deals applied for my clients before they even contacted me to say they saw the deal. This is a great example of how it's so much easier when you have a Sandals Specialist at your fingertips so please consider contacting us to plan your next trip!

Just be sure to know that in order to get the deal applied, Sandals requires the following:
  • Your trip must fall within the travel dates of the promotion for that week. If it does not, consider moving your travel dates so that you can receive the discount (if possible).
  • Your booking cannot be paid in full and within penalty. There needs to be a balance to pull the difference from and if you're within penalty, you can't get a refund of the difference.
  • The room category cannot be sold out for your dates of travel. There needs to be at least one room in that category in inventory for your dates, not including the room you're holding. If the room is sold out, there isn't another room in inventory for Sandals to switch you over to in order to apply the discount.

How Can You Book? 

I am a Sandals Chairman's Royal Club member, one of the highest accolades Sandals/Beaches offers their top selling travel agent partners. This means that you have one of the world’s best Sandals specialists at your fingertips and it costs you nothing extra to work with me. I book you direct with Sandals, where I have my own dedicated call center team (called the Diamond Team!), my own corporate concierge, and a local Sandals rep in my area in the USA. Sandals has provided me with multiple tools to make sure you get the best service possible from me.

If our blog has helped you out but you wish to book direct with Beaches, please consider booking through our Beaches co-branded website so we get the credit for helping you.

For a weekly recap of some of the best 7-7-7 deals, check out our Sandals Specialist Robert's YouTube playlist here.

NOTE: All information in this blog was collected at the time of publishing. Information above is always subject to change, per the resort.


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