Online Customs & Immigration Forms Now Mandatory At Some Sandals and Beaches Resorts Destations


If you've ever flown on an international flight, you'll likely recognize a Customs & Immigration card if you saw one. If you're not familiar, then usually after snacks and drinks are served, flight attendants will come around the cabin to hand out forms for travelers to fill out. These forms would then be presented to the Immigration and Customs officers on arrival at your destination. It's always a pain to find a pen in your bag to fill them out, then write all the information needed from your passport, flight details, and resort. Even more of a hassle if you have to do one for each family member.

Well, now, there is an easier way. These forms are able to be filled out online for many destinations. The idea is that filling out these forms prior to arrival at your destination will save you time and hassle at the airport and will speed up the process creating less congestion and wait times. Because of this, several countries are now moving toward making this mandatory for all travelers. Let's take a look at which of the Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts destinations offer this, or even now require it.

List Of Online Customs & Immigration Forms For Sandals & Beaches Resorts Destinations: 

If you see an * symbol, it means that destination currently requires you fill these forms out via their government website, up to 72 hours prior to arrival on the island. Otherwise, it is simply encouraged.

Jamaica* 🇯🇲:

St. Lucia 🇱🇨:

Bahamas 🇧🇸: Paper card still provided on flights

Barbados* 🇧🇧:

Curacao* 🇨🇼:

Antigua* 🇦🇬:

Grenada* 🇬🇩:

St Vincent 🇻🇨: Paper card still provided on flights

Turks & Caicos 🇹🇨: Paper card still provided on flights

This list will be updated as any changes are made, but you can also verify the current information as well by visiting the Sandals site at

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NOTE: All information in this blog was collected at the time of publishing. Information above is always subject to change, per the resort.

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