JetBlue's New Terminal at JFK.

As everyone can gather from my previous blog professing my eternal love for JetBlue, I try very hard to fly nothing but this airline, unless of course they do not fly to my destination and then I resort to going on their "Where should we fly to next?" web page every day and suggesting they should travel to my next destination of choice.

Today my fiance and I are leaving for the beautiful country of Aruba, and at this current moment I have the pleasure of sitting in the brand new JetBlue Terminal 5 lounge enjoying the wireless internet and a delicious cup of coffee.

With two hours to kill before my flight I've been walking around and taking note of some of the amenities of T5. I noticed a closed in area for children complete with toys, a cluster of computers for internet access, stores galore, a delicious restaurant in the main area, complete with a gorgeous bar (see photo below) as well as many other dining options.

With the beauty of this new addition to JFK Airport, I am sad to finally hear the boarding call for my flight. But, when all was said and done, my experience at the airport has only proven to me further more that JetBlue is number one in my heart.

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