New Airline Promises $9 Seats!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Jet America!   

This new airline is planning to begin flying 120 passengers on 34 flights each week between 6 destinations in the USA.

Destinations include:

New York City (via Newark International Airport)

Toledo / Detroit (via Toledo Express Airport)

Minneapolis / St. Paul (via Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport)

Lansing / Michigan (via Lansing Airport)

South Bend / Michiana (via South Bend Regional Airport)

Orlando / Melbourne, FL (via Melbourne International Airport)

Flights will have 9 designated seats (seats 9-19) that will sell for only $9!  

The stipulation (as there is always at least one):

-It costs $20 to check each bag.

-The flight does not include drinks or snacks or in-flight TV.  If you want these things, it will be an additional cost. (Way around this is, load up on some snacks before the flight once you are past the security check and in the main terminal where the food courts are available).

-There are always fees tacked onto any trip, no matter what airline you fly.

-Flights book up fast (obviously) so make sure your travel dates are flexible and you book as soon as you find the deal you want!

However, for $9 a seat it is STILL cheaper than many flights you can get anywhere else.

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