This Week's Pick For Our Favorite All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort: 9 Beaches Resort (Bermuda)

Bermuda:  The 9 Beaches Resort is one of the only resorts in the caribbean to offer rooms directly over the ocean.  The over-water cabanas boast glass paneled floors so you can see the marine life swimming under your room.   My favorite part about this resort is the "a la cart" (without the "e" and you'll see why)  dining option, which is like room service, but a million times better.  Whatever you want to eat, it doesn't matter where on the property you are, a golf cart will drop your order off to you!  Now that's service.  This property has an all-inclusive option, so you can pay up front for all your meals, drinks and snacks, or you can opt to pay as you go.  The choice is ultimately yours.

   View of the ocean from below your feet inside your own personal over-water cabana.

  Nature made caves on site provide a great snorkeling.

    Secluded area of beach best for private, romantic moments.

   Area of beach dedicated to water sports like sailing & kayaking (included in the price package).

   A place to relax and rejuvenate while watching the sun set after dinner.

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