Thank You!

Just wanted to give everyone an update that my business fan page on Facebook has reached 50 fans and is rapidly growing! It may be a small amount compared to the 4,000,000 fans for pages like "I need a vacation" but I still think it's great.

I really do appreciate all of your support with my business, especially the referrals! I have met quite a few people who are asking for help with their trips and were given my name by facebook friends of mine.

It means a lot that I can count on your business as well as your referrals. Please continue to pass the word along about my services to anyone you know who is in need of a good travel agent. Also, follow my blog if you have a Blogger account, and feel free to leave comments. I would love your feedback! (By the way, Blogger is a part of Google so all you need is a Google account in order to follow or post comments).

Best wishes for safe and happy travels,
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